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"I named it Miracle Hill, because at its base I discovered hot curative mineral waters..." 

--Cabot Yerxa


Where's the hot mineral spring water near Palm Springs?

The hottest mineral water springs near Palm Springs are 15 minutes north of Downtown Palm Springs.  Known as "Spa City", Desert Hot Springs has been known for its natural, healing mineral water springs for nearly 100 years.


The hottest mineral aquifer is located in an area of Desert Hot Springs called Miracle Hill.  This tiny 4 block area is the source of the hottest and richest mineral water in southern California.  It is home to a small number of highly rated resort spas.

Azure Palm Hot Springs is located near the central, hottest area of miracle hill where our water emerges from the ground at 174 degrees.

Hot mineral spring water map of desert hot springs

Why are the best hot springs in Desert Hot Springs?

1964 map of earthquake faults through Desert Hot Springs
1987 map of hot water mineral springs on famous Miracle Hill
1977 hot water map of Miracle Hill in Desert Hot Springs

Desert Hot Springs is one of the few places in the world with naturally occurring hot and cold mineral springs. The Mission Creek Branch of the San Andreas Fault bisects the area and on one side is the cold-water aquifer and on the other, is the hot-water aquifer.


The natural hot mineral waters originate from the Desert Hot Springs Aquifer and are heated by geothermal forces thousands of feet below the Earth’s surface. Naturally super heated to temperatures as high as 180 degrees, the waters rise through fissures in the earth occurring naturally in this area. The Mission Creek Aquifer holds the award winning cold mineral waters. 

Cabot Yerxa's home on Miracle Hill in Desert Hot Springs
miracle hill.  discovered by cabot yerxa
In October 1913, at the age of 30, Cabot Yerxa arrived in the Coachella Valley and began his homesteading journey with 160 acres in Desert Hot Springs. In need of water, he dug a well near his home and discovered hot mineral water right outside his door. 600 yards away he dug another well and discovered the pure cold water of the Mission Springs Aquifer. The two wells, one hot and one cold, led Cabot to name his homestead Miracle Hill.
Azure Palm Hot Springs is located only a few hundred feet from Cabot's original well.  A museum dedicated to the life of Cabot Yerxa is a short 1/4 mile walk from Azure Palm Hot Springs.
Desert Hot Springs mineral spring water has been known for decades as “MIRACLE WATER” because of its natural healing and restorative properties.
Experience the true Miracle Water of the Desert at
Azure Palm Hot Springs.
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